Using Rust at work? Have questions about it? We have a group of experts and trainers to answer them for a fixed monthly price! Check out the things we can help you with!

About us

  • Rustacean since 2015
  • Part of dev tools team since 2017
  • Cargo expert
  • IDE specialist

  • Rustacean since 2013
  • Part of the Rust project since 2015
  • Rust trainer since 2015
  • Network and distributed systems engineer

  • Applying Rust to Bare Metal systems since 2016
  • Founding member of the Rust Embedded Working Group
  • Loves using Rust on resource constrained systems, big and small!
  • Strives to optimize code for the most important metric: Readability

  • Rustacean since 2017
  • Core member of Command Line Interface and Database Working Groups
  • Active contributor to Rust tooling projects
  • Excited about Rust networking on embedded Linux

  • Building (and breaking) high-performance databases in Rust since 2014
  • Unreasonably excited about reliable production systems
  • Trains teams to avoid the mistakes he's made in large Rust codebases

Things we can help you with


€512/mo for individuals, €1999/mo for businesses. If you are a one-person company, pick the price that you think is right for you.

For individuals, we automatically do prorating. If you don't use our service for a week, we won't bill you until you ask again. Going on holidays, busy week? Just go!

Why Ferrous?

We're your support crew

Have an idea that you'd like to research but want to continue working on your main tasks? Send us a question! Have a gnarly problem to debug, but would really like to continue working? We'll do that for you.

Spend your time on the problems that matter to your business.

Get out of the door quickly

New product development often includes a lot of early decisions. How do I lay out my codebase, which library to pick to get started, what is a good strategy to grow a good codebase? We know all that, and we're here to help!

There's no need to bring in day-to-day consulting if you can just get specific questions answered.

Your time is valuable, so why not ask people that probably already know?

Inspired by

This service is inspired by Monadfix, who help with Haskell, Clojure and Agda